Oh, did I say Pinterest? The one and only LONG PIN!

Ok, first off I have to tell you!  I really do hope you like my latest and greatest Pinterest pins!  I have spent the better part of this weekend indoctrinating myself on the why-for's and the how-to's of making better pins.  My husband, John, can vouch for that.  I think he misses me ~ just a wee bit!

The first pin was a doozy to create. Yeah!  Well, anyway I wanted to take the pictures of my products while at school.  Sure enough, I had forgotten to take the disk out of my computer and replace it into the camera.  Total bummer. So instead I had to get creative.  I took down my classroom curtain...Yes, you read that correctly!  It was in spring colors so I brought it home and used it as a backdrop for my Nonsense Word Folders for March.  I think my first ever LONG Pinterest pin looks pretty darn good for a newbie. I have to say, my other pins have been itty-bitty squares. Totally boring, but so easy and fast to make.  Those in the know say Pinterest pinning is all in the details ~ like taking great pictures and it has to look GOOD and shall I say LONG.  No short skirts here, long skirts are back!  Long is what the Pinterest algorithm likes.  As I said already, I have spent a gargantuan amount of time reading about pinning and it says you must make your pins appealing to get customers to notice your resources.  At the present moment I do believe I am blogging to myself...totally okay.  Not many customers know I exist and even fewer people know me as a blogger.  So just why am I blogging?  That's another story!  LOL!  Back to my agenda: PINNING!

I found a great tutorial on Youtube by Camping Teacher from Teachers Pay Teachers!  She was a great help to me.  Maybe she can help some of you newbie pinners.

Back to my pinning saga.  Pin number 2 was an even bigger chore to create or should I say pain in my neck! Late Saturday night I began by taking pictures of my Easter Bingo Game and I used my dining room table as a backdrop.  Remember I had wanted to use my colorful classroom tables, but I had forgotten my disk!  Let me tell you, brown is NOT a great color for an Easter BINGO Game and neither was the glare that cast from the chandelier onto my pretty laminated EASTER BINGO GAME!  I went to bed at 3 in the morning with only one completed long Pinterest pin.  Did I tell you ~ you know LONG is in!  My husband was fast asleep.  I think everyone in my entire little town but me was fast asleep!  I could even hear my dog Hollister snoring!

In the morning I started back on pin number 2.  I tried everything. Nothing looked right so I got this zany idea to take the pictures with the greenery around my house as the backdrop. Yes, in Louisiana it has been raining forever so we do have a little bit of greenery already and some lovely bradford pears trees in bloom.  Tell me what you think of this second ever LONG pin.  Thanks again Camping Teacher for the great tutorial!  Also, thanks to Krista Wallden's clever artwork that helped me to conceal where one picture started and the other ended!  Love her work!  I think it turned out a step above better than just okay, but let's hope it does not take me another 48 hours to create 2 pins!  Yes, I am exaggerating just a bit, but not by much!

The pins for my TpT creations were much more tedious to design.  Just for fun I designed a couple with my children.  Here is one of my son, Jonathan. By the way, I think I am an addict now.  A pinning addict. They are actually kind of fun to create.  Once you get the learning curve, it's only up from there.  I am super new to this endeavor, but if I can help you just let me know!

Oh, I have to tell you!!!! My eldest son, Jonathan , has published his first book!  It is a trilogy!  Please click on his picture and you will see his book being sold on AMAZON.COM!  To say the least, I am overly excited and proud! He is an amazing writer!  I hope you have someone in your family who loves the fantasy genre because this may be just the perfect book for them.  Wouldn't you know, your friendly teacher blogger also has a son who is not only an accomplished high school teacher in his own right, but also a published author!  How's that for teaching kids!

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