St. Pat's Gaming

My kiddos are thrilled to play  BLACK-OUT BINGO during literacy stations.  From a teacher's standpoint, using them at the R.T.I. table is highly effective.  Each time I introduce a new bingo game I ask for volunteers to play the new game.   Needless to say EVERY child plays and asks to play multiple times.  Well they don't get to play it multiple times at the Teacher Table, but they do get to play it at their leisure once it hits Literacy Stations.   Shown below are pictures of my students grouped with friends of varying ability levels playing the game.  It best to have one student be the TEACHER while the remaining players {there can be up to 6} be the students.  

My firsties never tire of these games.  I keep them changed out frequently and they love the new themes and the new words.  I can see a big improvement using nonsense word games that the children find fun and engaging.  In my classroom, I like to keep on hand a variety of games from which the children can choose.  Also, it's very easy to have 4 different themed BLACK-OUT Bingo Games going on at once.  I like doing this when we have just a few minutes to spare and want to do something that is worthwhile and productive.  Clean up is easy and fast. Just place the BINGO Cards in a large Ziploc bag, place the BINGO Markers in a smaller Ziplock bag, and the BINGO Calling Cards in a second small Ziplock bag, then place both of the small bags into the large Ziploc bag and the game is organized and ready for the next set of student play.
Have one student be the TEACHER - The BINGO WORD CALLER=)
Between 2 to 6 players may play the game.  (The TEACHER does not play.)
I train my students to set up their bingo chips like a ten frame with five on top and then five below to help with organization.  Doing so keeps the 'bingo markers' above the bingo cards and on the table and less likely to fall on the floor.
 These first graders are sitting on stools around our round table.  They also play the game at a rectangular table.  Either type table works easily for game play.
    Afterwards, the students set the game back up in preparation for the next set of players.  When game play is finished for the day students pack up the resources.  Storage is always the same. Bingo cards in large plastic bag and chips in a small bag and the word cards in a third plastic bag.  Easy-peezy-lemon squeezy!
          Best of all, the kids never seem to tire of the game and I keep numerous Bingo games on file to switch out.  At the round table we had a St. Patrick's Day Bingo Game in play and at the rectangular table we had an Easter Bingo Game taking place.

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