Louisiana Teacher Meet-Up and Swag Bag Giveaway!

This weekend I had the pleasure of meeting some wonderfully talented teachers from the great state of Louisiana at our first ever TEACHER BLOG MEETUP! It was an an amazing afternoon filled with meeting new friends from all parts of the state from Shreveport down to Baton Rouge.
Kudos to Jasmine McClain for putting together this major event! She had every detail down pat from the THEME: "We're Shining So Bright, We Gotta Wear Our Shades!" to the delicious lunch and the fabulous gifts and door prizes!
As you can see our itinerary was filled to the brim. Setting the stage for a productive afternoon was lots of food, fun, fellowship and personal experiences about BLOGGING and TpT were shared.

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Musings by Ms. Lendahand;)

Kudos to the one and only, Jasmine McClain, for hosting the first ever Louisiana Teacher Blogger Conference and assembling the most amazing spread of teacher-blogger goodies for each and every participant. You know how we teachers adore freebies and gifts. One of my goodies was an award for being the MOST SEASONED TEACHER at the conference! Ugh! This was not exactly the prize I shooting for, but here I am today almost 30 years into my career as a primary educator earning treats for being older and more seasoned than everyone. It’s kind of like earning a trophy for just participating. But I guess just surviving this many years of teaching to some people would seem like quite a feat, but in all earnestly, I still get a charge out of teaching the little ones! I can safely say, I don’t believe I would have dreamed that I would be attending a blogger’s conference and looking forward to writing and sharing my personal teaching ideas and experiences with other fellow teachers both near and far, but here I am doing just that even if I am a half-century old.


  1. Your blog is so cute! I just love that little owl! It was awesome to meet you this weekend and I am excited to have a Louisiana Teacher Blogger Network :) Stay in Touch!

    Ms.Winter's Wild West

    1. Hi Alyssa! Thanks and I can't wait to see you lovely ladies soon again:)
      Love your blog! I am definitely getting an update!