Currently! - July 12, 2015

Farley's Linky Party

LISTENING: OMG!  What a week!  Thank gosh for the weekend.  Just a couple of days ago as I was driving along the highway listening the I was slowing down to get into my driveway what should  I feel and hear but a loud thud! A car following behind me somehow hits the passenger's side of my car with their driver's side! What a shock!  The worst part is my car won't be fixed for 5 whole weeks (NOT  a mere 5 whole days!) and that means having to drive without getting to put the top down!  (Sob, sob, sniff, sniff!)  OK, seriously, on the bright side we both walked away from the mini catastrophe with no major issues! And the next best part, most everything on my car works, especially the radio!

LOVING: I enjoyed listening along with Spyder Harrison to the Top 45 Countdown and singing along to this week's number one song Shut Up and Dance by Walk the Moon as I was anticipating picking up my recently fixed desktop MAC.  (Gosh, I hate paying out caboodles of moola to Best Buy, but the Geek Squad is so great!  Thank goodness they were able to fix it.  I guess with all the kids soon-to-be :( out of the house...maybe the MAC will stay humming along!  I never realized how much of her stuff my daughter had loaded onto my computer!)

THINKING: Wondering what my first-ever avatar from Surfer Kids Clip Art is going to look like!  I can hardly wait to see it and I am so thrilled to be getting a soon-to-be blog makeover from Blogs Fit for a Queen!

WANTING: Thinking about learning all the ins and outs about the techie side of blogging just boggles my mind so I can't help but getting distracted with my latest reads.  Driving with the Top Down by Beth Harrison is a great poolside (or should I say pond side)  read...and I'm about to begin my recent self-help book Lose Weight Without Dieting or Working Out by J.J. Smith.  (By the way I just finished 10 Green Smoothie Cleanse by J.J. Smith and it was fantastic!  I'll have to tell you all about it later this week!)

NEEDING: I really need to get it in gear and get my totally disorganized classroom reorganized, but I am distracted with making new resources for my first grade classroom.  So much new clipart and a zillion ideas running through my brain and only 24 hours in a day while I need to be helping my daughter pack up her things and make the move to her new HOME AWAY FROM HOME!  I think I am trying to avoid the latter thing!

ALLSTAR: I am feeling very overwhelmed with juggling all the different facets of my life and dealing with the soon-to-be empty nest syndrome.  The last of my three children is about to embark on her college career and I am feeling weepy!  I basically need to pull myself together and embrace these new changes in my life and roll with it...Lots to do with school just around the corner!


  1. Hi Michelle!

    Your classroom looks so colorful and fun! I can't wait to start going in and working on mine. The time before the kiddos come in is so valuable!! I'm so glad that the accident didn't cause major injuries! How scary! :(

    I can't give you any tips on how to balance your home and school life. I'm only a 6th year teacher and I feel like that's going to be an eternal struggle for me! I currently focus too much on my job but I'm hoping as the years go by, I can get better at being a wife and friend and daughter. Speaking of daughters, it's so wonderful that you are helping your daughter move. I'm sure she appreciates you! My parents are so supportive - they always help when they can; they helped me pack up for the summer. Without them, I would have been stuck in my classroom for several more days!!

    Take care,
    Mrs. Harrison's Hive

    1. Hi Cherilyn! Love your name and your blog. Looks like a lot of us our in the same boat in regards to juggling our personal and teaching lives.
      You know, I used to think as my three children moved into adulthood that my life would slow down, but alas that has not happened! Many of my friends have told me that their lives are the same way. LOTS OF LAUGHS!
      BY THE WAY: I am glad your parents are supportive of your endeavors. It makes things easier!
      Hugs and have a great evening:)

  2. I love the song Shut up and Dance too! (Ok now it's in my head!) Glad to hear no one was hurt in your accident. Love the shelves and colorful chairs in your room! I went today to see if I could get in and drop stuff off but they haven't even done the floors yet **sniff**
    Little Gingergarten

    1. Hi Chrissy! IDK what happened, but I did post a reply. Sorry! Trying this a second time. I am lucky that I get to pop into my school as soon as a I do during the summers. Hope you are having a great year!