1st Grade Reading Teacher Packs!

First Grade Teacher Packs to Supplement Reading Street Stories:)

Just a few comments from TEACHERS and PARENTS just like you! 

"This is a lifesaver!  My students were getting restless with all of the standard workbook sheets. These pages are more user friendly to the students.  So many great things are in this set."

"Your kits are fantastic and fun to use!  The directions you include on how you use your own products in your class makes it that much easier.  It's also nice to know you are actually using what you create and not just creating to make a dollar! Thanks!"

"Your packets always bring joy to my teaching life! They make me so giddy :) You always put so much thought, time and effort into your products."

"I love these and so do my students!"

"I'm a repeat customer because you create WOW stuff!  Your center packs are thorough and aesthetically pleasing to look at."

"Awesome resource! Thank you so much for your activities, especially the detailed instructions on how you use each activity in class.  Can't brag on it enough!...and will purchase other activities!!"

I have a passion for creating resources that make learning both fun and enriching for students while also being EASY-PEASY-LEMON-SQUEEZY on the prep side for busy teachers and parents!

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