Blog Makeover & Recent Classroom Pics!

I am so excited to unveil my blog makeover! This facelift comes from the creators, Shanon and Courtney Juneau, of Blogs Fit for a Queen! Best of all this mother-daughter blog team is located right down the road from me in Lafayette, Louisiana.  Below are some recent pictures of some activities we are presently using in our classroom to help make reading from the basal more engaging and student-friendly along with a few random snapshots of different places within our cozy room where we squeeze 25 happy little first graders each morning!

 Jonathan Lenahan, Author

This is what was happening in my first grade classroom around this time last year...My firsties participated in a unit on voting when our wonderful student teacher, Miss Clouse, was with us!  :) These little firsties are now big-time second graders and the lovely Miss Clouse now has a job teaching second graders!  Happy times gone-by!

ELECTION DAY 2014 ~ Unit by Miss Clouse, NSU Student Teacher, Fall 2014 ~ Mrs. Lendahand's First Graders elected TEACHER for PRESIDENT!

Sharing the love of teaching with up and coming teachers has been something I have done on and off over the past couple of decades.  Ugh...the word decades seem unthinkable!  Where did the time go?!?!  Always a stickler for wanting the best and the brightest to help out with my little first graders...Northwestern State University in fall 2014 sent us Ms. Clouse.   We're so proud of her and wish her the best in her up and coming teaching career!  

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