Do you need some at home resources to help your child with spelling and handwriting practice?  Below are some ones that you can find in my TpT Shoppe free for parents and teachers alike or you can click on my Resource Tab on my blog...Well let's just say don't click on the Resource Tab just yet because I have yet to figure out Google Docs...Just visit my online shoppe for the freebie for now.  (If you are one of my first grade parents ~  just a reminder: DO NOT buy resources from my store!  Please, I use virtually everything in my store with your child and  you have absolutely no reason to purchase anything.  (In fact, I have been making personalized first grade resources for the past twenty years and sharing them with other teachers.  Now I simply am doing it online.  Again, this is NOT a plug for you to purchase from my store!  I want us to be clear on that!  LOTS OF LAUGHS! If I blog about something I think you should have I will offer it for free!)

Below you will be able to read and use some of the same lingo I use in my own first grade classroom while instructing my students about letter formation and the three different lines and spaces.

In our classroom this year and as in all years past, I can see across the board that we have a need to properly SPACE BETWEEN WORDS.  Children are squeezing words together.  Everyday in class, I remind the children  and frequently model how to leave a 'pencil' space between each word.   The children practice this skill daily, but there is NO SUBSTITUTE for a parent helping a child one-on-one at home.  It is simply not possible for me to oversee each child's handwriting to the degree that I would like; therefore, I am providing you with some resources that you can use at home to help your child with not only spelling but handwriting practice.  Also, we need daily practice and reinforcement of grounding letters to the appropriate 'baseline', 'midline', or 'topline'.  (Is top line even a word!  No, but it is now!  


Does your child have significant handwriting concerns?  
Just how important is handwriting to the overall development of your child?

What is Lost as Handwriting Fades?

Click here if you would like to read the unfiltered opinions of an anonymous pediatric occupational therapist.

Because some students need more assistance with handwriting than what the teacher can provide in a typical school day, I have provided a free resource that you can download and print from your home computer.  Included are three different mainstream fonts from which to select from.  Two are print and one is cursive.
Somewhere along the line I heard or read about or maybe I just made it up some silliness about tall, small, and hang below the line letters!  IDK!  (This here teacher has been teaching primary students for virtually 3 decades...so give me a little break now!)

Listed below are some useful links that will provide more information about pencil grip and handwriting. 

A Poor Pencil Grip Can Affect Handwriting Article
A Look at Different Types of Grips and When to "Fix" a Pencil Grasp

A DIY Pencil Grip

Handwriting is a set of  skills that require more than just  pen and paper. They require not only fine motor skills, but also visual and behavioral skills.  Some people think handwriting is a dying art, but many occupational therapists and teachers have a different opinion. 

Just what is your opinion?  I am quite curious.  When my husband and I married I recall seeing one of his report cards.  It was from his primary years and back then in Louisiana a student could actually not qualify for the HONOR ROLL based on a poor handwriting grade.  Personally, I think that is a bit far-fetched, but then again now the pendulum has swung to the opposite extreme. Many people believe if you can't print just use the keyboard instead.  (If I can find my husband's report, I am going to post it!)  


  1. Michelle,
    This is very well thought out and useful information. Thank you so much for putting this together. I am sure that your parents will be able to use this as well as other teachers. I'm downloading my freebie right now! Thanks again! =0)

    1. Thanks Asia:) Handwriting is very important to the overall development of a young child. I hope this article helps some parents and teachers alike:) Thanks for dropping by and I am so excited about your last freebie on PLAY-DOH MATS! :)