12 Days of Surprises for YoursELF

Bring your little HEAD ElfkinSELF on over to my blog where we'll start filling  your stocking with daily SuRpRiSeS and SpEcIaLs designed especially for your little ELFKINS!

Just a couple of


stocking stuffers!

FREEBIE Nonsense Word Fluency Assessment for your little Elfkins!  I am getting my Blackout Bingo ready to go so when my ELFKINS arrive back at school on November 30th we are ready to play!

 ELFKIN Blackout Bingo and MatchingPower Point

Monday is the 5th Day of Surprises!  OK...I posted it just a few hours shy of  Monday!  Give this girl a break!  I have to sleep sometimes and staying up to upload at midnight just can't happen!  LOL!  Hope you enjoy this little RTI Resource for beginning readers!
Hugs and have a happy week!

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