Happy New Year All Y'all Perky Penguins!

Love, love, love reading penguin fiction and nonfiction stories  in January, so  I have added a new perky power point to my PENGUIN TEACHER PACK! FYI:  If you already own it just re-download to get the power point for free! (Click here to re-download!) It's super useful and the great part is that it is so stinkin' precious! [If you don't own it, I am going to put it at HALF-PRICE as a special New Year's Eve present for the next few hours!]  Once the clock strikes midnight or whenever I can get back to it~this file returns to full price! Hugs and happiness from ME to YOU!  Back to these lil' penguin guys,  they come from the Krista Wallden clipart collection.  (In case you didn't know, she has tons of clip art freebies for teachers and parents!  Can you tell I am addicted?!?!) Peek at the pictures below  ~ It showcases what the NEW slides look like in the NEWLY added 50 slide Nonsense Word Fluency Power Point! There are a whopping 50 slides for you to use right away ~ no need to program them yourself!  RTI was never more fun! Just hit download and then play!  Remember, if you are using the slide show multiple times throughout the week or month, simply move them around  to change the order of the words.  

Just a side note or two!  TEACHER IDEAS:  Let kids use the slide show seated next to a pal for some friendly partner practice at the computer station! *Of course teachers will be reading stories about penguins during the month of January...so toss in some NWF PERKY PENGUIN practice after one of your read-alouds...*FYI while I'm in RTI group, I like to  use my laptop from which my firsties like to practice with the ppt!  Yes, it's more cozy than using the white board and we don't disturb the rest of the class while they are doing their SQUIRT reading! (Sustained Quiet Uninterrupted Reading Time or what some teachers now call:  READ TO SELF!) Then if my my firsties do a super job, well, then we can play BLACKOUT Bingo!  LOTS OF LAUGHS!  I don't know what I did in RTI groups 20 years ago, but I can tell you it was not nearly as much fun!  Cough, cough....sorry you grown-up kids!  Oh, yeah, I am now teaching those grown-up kids' children!  Ugh!  Still lovin' it though:)

When you download your new slide show of course you are going to want some adorable new fonts like mine!  If you want your slides to look EXACTLY like mine you will need to download the font "KG Miss Kindergarten" and for the SMILE you will need the font "KG Today I Feel."  If you don't, just deal with the bland and boring fonts that pop up in the file!  Yuck!  My kids are conditioned to what looks appealing!  Cute makes everything so much more fun and that means even boring Nonsense Word Fluency Practice seems like FUN!  (NWF practice is not boring in my first grade classroom and I hope to goodness it is not in yours either!  If so, poor kids!) I think Kimberly Geswein Fonts are just way too cool. You can click here to get ALL of them for FREE!  Make all of your parent communication cutesy or your personal notes and such funnnzzy-looking!  Yeah, I know it 's not a word, but I like to say funnnzzy with my firsties!   Back to the point of this little note:  The cool part is that this slide show is also editable so you can program it with different things.  (Example: Program it with math facts!  Students' names!  Sight Words!  Whatever suits your fancy:)

P.S.  The only thing you can't do it move around the clipart.  It's my design using Krista's adorable clipart!  

Happy Day! Peace out!!! Happy New Year all y'all perky penguins!

P.P.S. PARENTS!!!!  If you read to the bitter-end of this little post you now know if you follow this link you can get the POWER POINT for FREE for the next couple of days so your little kindergartener or first grader at home can play around and practice some nonsense words.  TEACHERS: You NEED the whole file...but I can't talk you into it either...so at-least do your firsties a favor and get them a perky lil' penguin power point!  And if you already own it remember to re-download!  
P.P.P.S.New Teachers and OLD TEACHERS (Like me!)...if you want new RTI resources remember RTI THURSDAYS...See ya' then!

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