My Day and what I learned about MATH...

Today I had a rather interesting day.  Needless to say our cousins from Texas had a good chuckle and I had one too!  But seriously, it took me six hours to get a pedicure, pick up 3 baby gifts and get some waffle fries.  This beats all!
Had I not been paying attention today I would have lost $25.00.  This is something I am pointing out because I see it as a trend...Do you?  Or am I just getting too old and persnickety? 

Here is the math problem.  

I told the clerk I need three gift cards.  Two  $50.00 gift cards and one for $75.00.  I then handed her $135.00 in cash which I counted back to her (because I wanted to make certain that was what I was in fact giving her was $135) and then I asked her to put the remainder of what I owed onto my card.  Seems very straightforward, but it wasn't.   She put $65.00 onto my card, I nicely informed her that she put the wrong amount on the card, and then the next 20 minutes were spent rectifying the situation.  Seriously, maybe there is a valid reason for first graders learning computation the EUREKA Math way.   But then again this is not a trend I noticed happening years ago...or am I simply just now noticing that people have not been able to make change for years?  

BY THE WAY the clerk did not even bat an eye when I caught her mistake.  There was not an "I am sorry" or anything.  I was really a little disappointed.  I think businesses should make sure their employees know how to count money correctly if they are going to be running registers and they should certainly know how to apologize when they make a mistake.

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