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School is out for me and I am busily creating resources for my first grade classroom between trying to purge my house of clutter, visiting my three children, and hanging out with the hubby.    I love sharing with my teacher friends in my neck of the woods and also across the nation!

Here are a few things I recently created for Back to School for my R.T.I. Block. I am in the middle of finishing up the coordinating Power Point and I should be posting it the second week of June. You can find it under the category NWF Power Points.  I know you are going to love it!

BY THE WAY: Always remember R.T.I. Thursdays!  I try my best to offer a FLASH FREEBIE or a FOREVER FREEBIE on this day!

I Have Who Has Game by Ms. Lendahand (BACK to SCHOOL Theme)

Nonsense Word Fluency Bingo by Ms. Lendahand (Back to Scho
The BLACKOUT BINGO GAME is a staple year 'round in my classroom!  Of course, we have lots of themes from which to choose and I keep making more and more!  I have found that my students have tons of fun practicing repetitive skills with thematic resources.  Learning should be engaging and themes keep students eager about practicing skills.

Roll and Read with CVC Words by Ms. Lendahand (Back to Sch

Here is a new game category I have added to my TpT Store. This is ROLL and READ with Consonant Vowel Consonant (CVC) Nonsense Words and the theme is BACK TO SCHOOL. Includes: 6 nonsense word COLOR ROLL and READ printables along with 6 BLACK and WHITE printables for Back to School.  

Either is a great little resource for your RTI table or literacy stations.  

Objective:  To practice Nonsense Word Fluency independently.  Directions:  Student rolls the die, places the die on the appropriate die picture on their mat, then reads the corresponding words.  My students play this gem of a game at the RTI Teacher Table.  {This is also a great game for independent play during independent literacy stations.} We rotate into a different seat after each game card is practiced.  This allows the children some freedom of movement!  Everyone in the classroom wants to practice ~ even if they don't need to do so!  I have sand timers that I let my students use while they are playing ROLL and READ.  Using timers adds a bit a whimsy to the activity and just a little extra fun! The play is designed to be fast paced! {To cut down on the noise, my students play on a placemat.  This is very helpful as it keeps the rest of the class who are reading silently from being interrupted with a bunch of noise!}

Suggestions:  Print in color and laminate or print the black and white version on colored card stock. Either way works.  If you have time constraints and do not have access to lamination, simply drop each game card into a plastic sleeve.  

If you are a DIBELS Next teacher,  you know that means progress monitoring every three weeks at least.  {BY THE WAY: I monitor more frequently!} The monitoring that gets turned in must be done in a timely manner, so I whip out my 6 ROLL and READ NWF Cards, 6 sets of die, and 6 sand timers.  My 6 students go to work and I breeze through screening all of my at-risk students who need progress monitoring screeners.  Before you know it I am telling my RTI kids it's time for us to put away ROLL and READ and they are begging me to let them have just a few more minutes of play.  Yes, ROLL and READ makes my teaching life just a little easier and it can yours too! 

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