Nonsense Word Fluency (Pumpkin Theme)

There are six Blackout Bingo Student Cards in each Nonsense Word Fluency Set.  I always have 6 kids at my R.T.I./Reading Group table. (If I ever try to have less, my students tell me:  THERE IS ROOM FOR ANOTHER STUDENT MRS. LENAHAN...THIS IS DEDICATION my teacher friend!  Be that teacher where students WANT TO BE learning and want to come to reading group.  You will feel so thrilled to see such excited little faces!  My students simply cannot wait to get to the table and play. This is NO JOKE!  Yes, I typed the word PLAY!  First grade classrooms should be filled with play.  Learning should be presented in a playful, non-threatening manner.  Playing kids are learning kids.  {Side NOTE:  Your students should be able to explain/verbalize why they are practicing nonsense sure they know why.  My students fully understand that we are perfecting our sounds.  We are training our brains to automatically pick out those sounds/patterns...Teachers call this automaticity.  If a supervisor asks your students why they are practicing nonsense word fluency, could your students verbalize the correct response?  Could your students explain this to their parents?  If not, I would make this clarification with my firsties.}

This game is such an EZPZ teacher tool.  Simply watch your students as they are playing {Teacher pedagogy refers to this as KID WATCHING...right away you SEE and HEAR their phonics strengths and weaknesses...You can guide them and give them IMMEDIATE feedback while they play...You can also listen and watch as children PEER TUTOR one another.}  

Such an amazing little resource that reaps so many rewards in the area of phonemic awareness and phonics skills!  Don't miss out!  In my own first grade classroom, I use the Reading Street Basal Series and included in each set is a coordinating BLACKOUT BINGO SET, but because Blackout Bingo is such a hit, I also use themes that are NOT related to the reading series but rather have to do with the seasons/holidays/events that are pertinent in the life of a typical first grade student.  

Below is one of four sets of CALLING CARDS included in this particular theme.

I want my RTI groups to use different resources from their REGULAR READING GROUP time...BUT please beware...all the regular reading groups will STILL want to play with the resources the RTI Group uses. One of the perks of being an RTI KID, well you get to use the RIT Resources first and the rest of the class uses them if that is a choice they want during reading groups.

These games are super kid friendly and teacher prep friendly.  Way easy to prep for.  Thank goodness!  Week in and week out you know how things are going to unfold.  Same routine, just a new theme.  Just print, laminate and trim.  I use my personal printer, an in-home laminator, and small paper cutter.  I like all my resources to look neat and professional and be durable enough to use for several years.  Because I have made so many sets of blackout games, I can almost do them in my sleep!  I am always thrilled to have these resources because these props help make teaching reading phonics skills almost effortless....If your students, including your most struggling readers are dreading small group reading...YOU NEED to revamp some of your resources.  Drop in whenever you can!  Mrs. Lendahand tries to make you a new NWF each week!  Enjoy!

There are usually 24 sets of mini NWF Cards.  The teacher uses these cards to call out the words that are located randomly and repetitively on each of the students' NWF cards.  I like to call these cards CALLING CARDS.  

When a student completely fills in their card with their BINGO CHIPS (BINGO MARKERS) the student calls out BLACKOUT BINGO.  Play continues until the teacher calls out the last word.  Sometimes a student will NOT have filled in their card because they overlooked a word or were not listening (BY THE WAY: Blackout Bingo is great for improving listening students know I do NOT repeat words more than twice-which encourages them to really listen!)  If a student misses some words this is OUR procedure: {Always customize things to suit your teaching style...none of us our cookie cutter teachers...just remember!  Kids like routines, but the brain also likes NOVEL...make it fun, make it memorable! Make kids crave those silly crazy little things we do, like blurting out BLACKOUT BINGO!}
(1) The student SAYS / CALLS OUT the words he/she failed to find.  (This may happen to one or several kids....Rarely does every child get a BLACKOUT BINGO the first go-round, especially my R.T.I. Group.)
(2) Next the teacher flashes each NWF Card and the group together names the words....When a missed word is called out the teacher makes sure the student makes the time moves on peers will be prompting each other and the STUDENT THEN COVERS UP THE MISSED WORD with a BINGO CHIP.  Play continues in this manner until each and every child says BLACKOUT BINGO.  Every kid feels like a winner even if he/she wasn't the FIRST BLACKOUT BINGO WINNER!
(3) When time allows...students will play another game.  Each student stands up and moves over one chair; the game card stays put and rather the student moves to a new card.  {Sometimes we play only once, sometimes twice, and we have been known to play it three times in a row...if the kids are on a roll!}  When we only play it once, then we move on to other games like ROLL and READ, or MEMORY, or I HAVE WHO HAS!  Be sure to have lots of coordinating games.  Otherwise, you may have some bored kids!  I would much rather take the time to make a few games ahead of time and have happily engaged learners rather than the opposite!
(4) The teacher makes sure the game moves along rather rapidly to ensure fast and fun learning while at the same time making sure students have enough time to grasp phonics skills.

These are the BINGO CHIPS for this particular theme.  The children use these coordinating markers to cover up the nonsense words!

Learning sounds has never been easier or more fun.  Week in and week out students are busily practicing and perfecting skills.  Students never become bored of the repetitiveness because the themes change.  Kids love the variety and I hope you do too!


This resource includes 6 cards to support your R.T.I. Reading Groups at your TEACHER TABLE:)

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