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April 2016 My hubby and I went to London for a brief jaunt.  It was lots of fun and we enjoyed the delicious food.  We went on a few excursions and of course, we saw Kensington Palace.  We would have liked to have seen more of the countryside, but we did not have enough time on this trip.  Next time we plan to venture out of the city a bit more!

Ok...Here I am and it's August 2017.  I can't believe it. And by the way, I really can't. 1964 is considered the last of the Baby Boomer Generation and that's my year! So, hard to fathom.  This year I will turn 53 years young, I will celebrate my 34th wedding anniversary with my high school sweetheart =) and in August 2017 I will begin the start of my 31st year of teaching!  Good grief!    How did this all happen and so fast?!                                                                        

Yes, back to me, Michelle.  No, I am not a famous gal from the big city, and I don't post selfies of amazing things that I am doing every two seconds.  I can't, because I do, well just normal run of the mill type things, but I am going to be blogging about sharing ideas on how to help the beginning reader.  Now that is something that I think is special:Talking about beginning readers and ways that I have found to help them over the past three decades. I will be presenting these ideas and resources as based on what has worked for me in my first-grade classroom. It is my hope that other teachers of first grade will be able to benefit from some of the knowledge I have gleaned from my journey as beginning teacher way back in 1983 to the present day 2017!

So just who is Michelle?  I am a sweet little southern gal who leads a fairly normal life. Seriously not, I hale from Germany and I am of German and French-Canadian descent! But what do ya' do when you are an Army brat and your parents retired in Louisiana? Well, why you become a Southern Belle!  So yes, of course, I am a Southern Bell, a wife, a mom to three adult kids, a teacher, and a friend. I recently added novice blogger to my resume.  

Please do not critique my writing skills as I am intentionally writing in the manner I would be speaking to you in person because it's my sincerest hope that we connect on Lendahand's Printables as friends.

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  1. I LOVE your blog!!! It looks fabulous!! :) Did you hire someone or did you do it yourself?

  2. Hi Kelly! Actually the blog was created by Shanon and Courtney Juneau of Lafayette, Louisiana! They were so helpful and so easy to work with. I am happy with the way it turned out and I feel like it reflects my personality just a little:) So glad you like it!