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April 2016 My hubby and I went to London for a brief jaunt.  It was lots of fun and we enjoyed the delicious food.  We went on a few excursions and of course, we saw Kensington Palace.  We would have liked to have seen more of the countryside, but we did not have enough time on this trip.  Next time we plan to venture out of the city a bit more!

Below are my three adult children along with a mini biography of myself.  Happy day!

Ok...Here I am and it's January 2016.  I can't believe it. And by the way, I really can't.    1964 is considered the last of the Baby Boomer Generation and that's my year! So hard to fathom.  This year I will turn 52 years young, I will celebrate my 32nd wedding anniversary with my high school sweetheart =) and in August 2016 I will begin the start of my 30th year of teaching!  Good grief!    How did this all happen and so fast?!?!   My children are old enough to have their own children....but let's not go there just yet.  I am still too hip to have a grand baby and first my kids need a great relationship...Well if you read the news nowadays it is even hip to have babies when you are not in a serious relationship.  Ugh...nothing I would recommend.  But I won't be judgmental, but I will tell you this....No I won't, this is not the post for it!

Yes, back to me, Michelle.  No, I am not a rich or famous gal from the big city, and I don't post selfies of amazing things that I am doing every two seconds.  I can't, because I do, well just normal run of the mill things.  I am going to be blogging about facets of my life a few times a week.   If you are ever bored, maybe you can drop in for a laugh or two and a chance for you to realize you aren't the only one not leading a movie star existence every moment of the day!

So just who is Michelle?  I am a sweet little southern gal who leads a fairly normal life!  (Seriously not, I hale from Germany and I am of German and French Canadian descent!) But what do ya' do when you are an Army brat and your parents retired in Louisiana?  Well, why you become a Southern Belle!  So yes, of course, I am a Southern Bell, a wife, a mom to three adult kids, a teacher, and a friend. I recently added blogger to my resume.  (Although I am what I would consider a novice blogger! And no, do NOT critique my writing skills.  I am intentionally not writing in proper English. I am writing the way I would be speaking in if you are the stuffy type...find a new blog to visit.) Yes, that was not too sweet to say, but who cares!  No one reads this stuff but me!  LOTS OF LAUGHS!  Oh yes, and BY THE WAY, I do create and share teacher resources with fellow teachers and parents, but that is NOT something new!  I have been creating resources for over 2 decades. (It's turned into somewhat of an obsession with the advent of all this amazing clip art available to make anything and everything you could want or need!)  The big difference now is that I can  share resources online.  I consider creating resources an extension of me the TEACHER.  (Although I might add, I make these resources on my own time and with my own resources. Ask my hubby, he can vouch for that!  Ugh...the money I made on TpT just paid for how many new clip art sets?  No I don't drink, no I don't smoke, no I don't do drugs, and no I don't spend money on tattoos, but I do spend mega bucks on clip art.  I would have to say that is my biggest actual addiction, ugh besides chocolate and Chick Filet waffle fries!)

I like my 'slow' life and I am totally ok with it, for the most part...but that is the way my life appears on the outside to others...very slow because after all what in the world can you possibly be doing living in a village called Anacoco?  Obviously a lot, because I stay busy 24-7.  It's by my own doing. I could relax but I don't.  I always have a project going right now I am blogging.  Why you may ask?  I guess I am finding it cathartic.  And it's less money than going to a shrink.  I have never been to one, but sometimes these days I feel like there could be a need for a visit or two or three, or maybe forever.  So the blogging will be in lieu of my psychiatric visits!

I really thought my life would slow down after my children grew up...but it has been the actual reverse.  I don't suffer from empty-nester syndrome.  I have become accustomed to the solitude of being just with my husband and it affords me the opportunity to do the things that I could not do when my children were at home.  I used to love gardening and piddling in the house and now I still piddle, but instead it's on my Macbook.  Sometimes I think that is good and other times I think like so many people I spend way too much time on technology related gadgets.  But what do you do?  I am obsessed with it and it's a great diversion for my mind when I get down about things.

So this is a place where you can come to read a little bit about the happenings in the life of this middle-aged gal who is trying to make a difference in this world one day at a time. 



P.S. So now you know a little bit more about me...It only took two years for me to write something down... And yes, those are my three adult children!   The son on the right happens to also be the son who is shown on my computer screen's desktop. I am very blessed to have three amazing children and a classroom full of 25 other amazing ones!

Below is an article I published originally on FB in regards to my eldest son's reading and writing endeavors.

My first recollections of Jonathan's pre-reading days were on the lap of his grandmother, Vera Contant, while visiting the local library for story hour.  At home, John and I encouraged him to read, while his school teachers and principals encouraged him to read and write.   

And read he did.  As a toddler, we read GOODNIGHT MOON by Margaret Wise Brown until the book became frayed and virtually fell apart and from there the tradition continued to the days as a teen and then teenager when he read and reread Calvin and Hobbes, Harry Potter, his great-grandmother, Burnadine Lenahan’s, Louis L’Amour western collection, and Steven King books much to the chagrin of some teachers, and the list just went on endlessly.  As he grew older his taste in books diversified, but his true love of reading remained with the fantasy genre.

As his senior year in high school approached, his then English teacher, his Aunt Tammy Cecil, had all of the students complete a senior project on something that was of significant interest to them.  Jonathan chose to begin writing a novel and our local college English professor, Dr. Paralee Norman critiqued the initial chapters of his first fledgling novel. Dr. Norman known NOT to mince words, saw writing potential in Jonathan, and she encouraged him to embrace this talent; however, he like many students, set about going to college without fully embracing his calling.  For years he left this gift on the backburner only writing when it was required for college or simply just writing for his own personal satisfaction. 

Luckily after teaching high school students English for a few years, Jonathan picked back up where he left off, writing to entertain others. As his father and I see it, Jonathan’s goal seems to be that of one aspiring to become an accomplished writer in his own right.  He has produced his first publication, Fallen Victors under the category Juvenile Fiction and has since added a team of editors to his repertoire and revised, added to and finessed the first book which now falls under the category of Adult Fiction with the new title of LIES and ALLIES.  Jonathan’s goal is to become an accomplished writer in his own right for which his father and I believe he has both the aptitude and the perseverance.  We sincerely hope that if you are an avid reader yourself or you are simply an interested party, that you take the time to share in Jonathan’s quest to becoming an even more successful writer than he presently is. 

Shown are some pictures from his first book.  I hope you enjoy this visit down memory lane.  I also hope that you take a picture of yourself with your newly revised copy of the first book now entitled LIES and ALLIES and post it on Jonathan’s FB timeline, or Twitter Account. I have also created a Pinterest Board for which you can post your pictures and it’s entitled Jonathan Lenahan.  You can view Jonathan’s book at Amazon and read any of his latest blogging articles at his website

Most sincerely,

John and Michelle Lenahan
Jonathan Lenahan’s Biggest Fans

Any FB SHARES would be greatly appreciated


  1. I LOVE your blog!!! It looks fabulous!! :) Did you hire someone or did you do it yourself?

  2. Hi Kelly! Actually the blog was created by Shanon and Courtney Juneau of Lafayette, Louisiana! They were so helpful and so easy to work with. I am happy with the way it turned out and I feel like it reflects my personality just a little:) So glad you like it!