Creating products for myself and other like minded teachers is one of my hobbies:) OK, obsessions:)  You can check out my custom-made printables at Teachers Pay Teachers.  Teachers from all parts of the United States are using my supplementary materials to enhance their basal stories. Here are just a few comments from teachers that make my heart sing!

  • "Your units never disappoint me. They are always fabulous!!! Thanks so much for the time and effort you put into them."

  • "Your units are so wonderful! I am always amazed at what all you include. It is so worth the money. Thanks so much!"

  • "Everything that I've purchased from Lendahand's Printables has been top-notch! You know I look forward to anything you create because I know FOR A FACT it has been thought out, it's going to save me a ton of time, and it is going to reinforce the weekly skills and concepts beautifully. And with the variety, the students are constantly engaged. Kudos!!"

  • "Love all the activities and so easy to use!"

  • "I loved your stuff when I saw it, but I am really in love with the results!!! My students have made much better progress and I have learned to use new strategies from you!!!"

  • "Thank you for your creativity! I could never think of this stuff to come up with. Glad one of us is at the top of Bloom's! LOL"

  • "Here I am....again! You are amazing to come up with these units! They are always so thorough and well-planned out. There is something for everyone! Great for all levels and even my high-flyer (reading on a 5th grade level) loves some of the activities :) Can't wait for the summer so you can breathe (and create these fabulous packets for the first few units) I am a serious "YOU" fan!"

  • "Ohmiword!!!!! I just used my first pack from your store and I am in love!!!!! SO creative, but not just cute things......core curriculum "stuff" presented in a fresh and exciting new way! Just bought a few more !!!!"

  • "OMG! LOVE this pack. It has EVERYTHING one could possibly need for this week in it. I'm so glad I found this!"

  • "A lot of great ideas! Will use this over and over again!" "I love these packets. It makes planning for centers so much faster!"

  • "Oh my goodness! Just found your things......amazing!!!!" "I absolutely love your stuff! I will be buying ALL your units!!! Thank you so much!"

  • "I squeal with delight when I get a notification that there is a new product from Lendahand's Printables! This is FABULOUS and so is Mole and the Baby Bird....(bought that earlier today LOL!) Can't get enough of your kits. I'll have to share photos soon of how we use your products in our room. Thanks a million!"

  • "So stinkin' cute! I love how each kit gets bigger and bigger! Yes, I've noticed how you keep adding all of these great goodies :) Me and the kiddies get so excited about all of the activities in your kits. Extremely well thought out and appropriate for all levels. The variety is amazing and you've taken the "guess-work" out of implementing the activities during center/station time. Love, love your commentary on "how to use" in the classroom. Thanks a million!"

  • "AWESOME!! LOVED this packet -- so complete and engaging for students! Lots of things for centers or independent work! Thanks!!"

  • These are just some of the comments made by first grade teachers just like you. If you want to supplement your first grade Reading Street series with top-notch supplementary materials, check out my materials on the Teachers Pay Teachers educational site! 

This is the first story in Unit One of Reading Street.  As promised, I would like to give you a very basic overview of some of my favorite things that I try to teach each day and they are as follows:
  • Build-a-Word/Build-a-Sentence Activity helps improves Phonemic Awareness and Phonics acquisition and  specifically helps students to practice hearing the individual sounds within words, saying the sounds within the words,  and writing the sound symbols heard; The second part of this activity is writing a sentence with a favorite new word and illustrating it.  This is differentiation to the hilt.  Everyone has the same materials, but everyone is working at their personal best.
  • Onset and Rime Guided Lesson helps students practice reading words by separating the onset of a word from its rime which is a different strategy than those used in Build-a-Word.
  • ABC Order and Grammar Teacher Directed Lesson uses either special vocabulary from the story or words based on a particular phonics skill presented for the week.  Alphabetical Order is practiced daily and students write either 2 or 3 sentences while following an developmentally age appropriate Sentence Rubric for First Graders.

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